We are in the process of immigrating to the UK (Surrey to start with), from South Africa. We have moved from our home town, to a temporary home in a small town. The schools here do not teach in English, which is not a problem, but I would prefer them switching over to the UK curriculum. I have an 11 year old and a 14 year old. They were both taken out of school in June 2018 and due to complications with our visas, I've been doing some Maths and English homeschooling with them. We were hoping to start them in UK in 2018's new school year, but this was delayed due to the visa complications.

Question 1: Can my South African children be entered in this online UK Curriculum schooling?

Question 2: How do I know what year they should be in?

Question 3: Once we've established which year they need to attend, what are the cost involved to homeschool them? (both my husband and myself are currently unemployed. Husband already in UK looking for work.

I am so lost and assistance will be appreciated.

TYI, Lindy