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OCR GCSE Classical GreekEdit

This can be taken as either a short course or full GCSE.

The short course consists of 2 papers and the full course of 4. These are chosen from:

Classical Greek Language 1 (Mythology and Domestic Life) (compulsory for both the short and long GCSE)

Classical Greek Language 2 (History) (compulsory for the long GCSE)

Classical Greek Prose Literature

Classical Greek Verse Literature

Sources for Classical Greek

These are all taken as exam only.

A quick overview can be found here:

And the full specification here:

The exams are held in June only.

The last sitting for this specification is 2017. The new syllabus is examined from 2018. An overview can be found here:

OCR 9-1 Classical Greek GCSE

There will be one compulsory Language paper and then a choice of 2 out of 5 (2 Prose, 2 Verse and a Literature and Culture paper)


Greek to GCSE (parts one and two) by John Taylor is a good guide to all the language components.

Answers to the book can be found here:

Tutor recommendation Edit

Several members of the HE-Exams group have used Peter McNeely as a tutor - he can do Skype tutorials.

“I am a Classics teacher with an MA in Latin.  I am working for OCR as an examiner, and as a private tutor from home (in Lode, near Cambridge).  I would be happy to supply tutoring or support for any Classical subject (Latin, Greek, Ancient History, Classical Civilisation) to pupils either individually, or as a small group.  If anyone would be interested, my email address is: “

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