Edexcel IGCSE Economics Edit

Edexcel International GCSE Economics - syllabus and past papers.

Qualification code 4ECO

One written exam, 2 hours 30 minutes long.

Specification for teaching from 2009, first exams in 2011, but largely similar to the old specification before that (so old past papers will be useful for practice, but the exam structure is different).

Teacher's Guide for Edexcel IGCSE Economics - free download explaining changes from the old specification to this one (not many - it's very similar). Also contains explanation of marking, specimen lessons, glossary, and lists of resources including books and websites.

Edexcel IGCSE Economics Student Book by Rob Jones 

CIE IGCSE Economics Edit

CIE IGCSE Economics Syllabus , and downloadable Learner Guide. See also helpful Support Material list including links.

Textbook: Complete Economics for Cambridge IGCSE® and O-level (Second Edition) by Dan Moynihan et al. 

Qualification code 0455 .

Two papers: one 45 minute multiple choice, and one 2hr 15 minute written paper.

CIE A Level Economics Edit

We used International AS and A level Economics by Peter Smith. Publisher Hodder education. My son had read through another Economics course book in the previous 10 weeks, but preferred this one. He had already done IGCSE Economics the previous year. This is a subject that you do not have to have done IGCSE Economics, so no previous knowledge is assumed. However, as my son had done the IGCSE, he had solid building blocks and so was able to complete the A level in 1 year.