Environmental Management IGCSE is offered by CIE and is available to external candidates. Some members of the HE Exams group are studying for this qualification currently.

Qualification ref for CIE is 0680.

CIE say:

"Cambridge IGCSE Environmental Management is concerned with education for sustainable development in a world where the security of resources and life-sustaining systems is endangered by human impact. The syllabus draws upon disciplines such as biology, earth science, geography, economics and anthropology.

It starts with the interdependence of the Earth's natural systems and how people use natural resources, and moves on to examine the impact of development on the environment. Issues such as environmental pollution and resource depletion are examined, but the view of them is forward looking, to see how we may change the nature of development towards future sustainability."

A parent-tutor writes: ‘I led a group through this course recently and most received excellent results . I am leading another group towards the exam at the moment.

The ideal candidate for this course is someone with a good general knowledge and a keen interest in current affairs, especially environmental news. They need good reading and research skills and the ability to draw graphs/interpret tables etc, as this is a small part of the exam. They don’t need to be able to write in perfect grammatical English and the longest answers are just 6 marks each, the majority being 2 marks, so lots of short answers.

There is some overlap with Geography, Biology and even Economics, so if a student is also studying those subjects, they will find this very straightforward. The textbook (by John Pallister) is quite old now, so will need some supplementing for current information. Cambridge has been planning a new edition for some time but it has yet to appear.

The subtitle for this exam is Sustainable Development and I think that’s actually a more fitting title. Great for anyone who cares about the world and those who inhabit it, especially its poorest people. Dorothy Murphy’

Another parent writes, "I would recommend the Cambridge University Press Coursebook by Gary Skinner et al. for this subject. It's very well written. There's an accompanying Workbook you can buy separately. We'll probably find the workbook useful just prior to sitting the exam. It was a surprise to find that the answers are not in the back of it though! They're on the Teacher's CDROM, but, unwilling to pay £70 for that, I emailed the publisher, who sent them out by email. I've put them the Files section on the Facebook group (link below) so that others won't suffer the same dilemma."

Syllabus and further information from CIE

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