This exam is no longer available in the UK

2018 is the last opportunity to sit this exam. Global Citizenship IGCSE is offered by Edexcel. It is exam-only and is available to external candidates, and some members of the HE Exams group are studying it or have recently studied it.

There is one exam paper lasting 2 hours.

The Edexcel qualification code is 4GLO.

The Specification says:

"The Edexcel International GCSE in Global Citizenship qualification aims to:

  • introduce and develop student understanding of key issues affecting the global community 
  • develop students’ understanding of how communities interact locally, nationally and globally 
  • enable students to participate in an activity, understanding its impact in a range of scales 
  • develop student skills of analysis and evaluation of different perspectives in relation to global issues. " 

A parent-tutor writes: 'I led a group through this course last year, only the third time this examination has been available. Results were 3 As and a C. It was a frustrating course to study for, because of the lack of a dedicated textbook, although Collins' Citizenship Today covers much of the content. It is only available for Summer sitting.

Good basic common sense and a genuine interest in practical politics and citizenship issues are essential. Also fundamental is an ability to write well, as there are longer answers and an essay as part of the exam. It is vital that students are capable of presenting views which are not their own in the essay.

Part of the course is a practical, community-based project on an issue of the student's own choice. Citizenship in action! Excellent for those who enjoy research, writing and participating in democracy. Dorothy Murphy'

Syllabus and further information from Edexcel

Teacher's Guide including sample scheme of work.

Resource Guide from Edexcel

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