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Home-Ed Exams WikiEdit

Qualifications for home-educated students - what you can do and how you can do it! The best place to start is the FAQ on this wiki. Scroll down this page to find links to individual subject pages, which give an overview of your options and resources.

This site has been put together by people on the HE-Exams Yahoo! email group, which discusses the practicalities of gaining formal qualifications as a home-educated young person. Home educators share their experience and recommendations. Please do add your own suggestions to this wiki, either as a comment or by clicking the 'edit' button on any page.

General Exams Info for Home Educators Edit

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) including, but not only: Where do I start, Can my child go to college to do GCSEs, and...

Making entries, preparing for exams and sitting exams - how do you DO all this?

Finding an exam centre - centres already in use by home educators, and how to find others, or approach potential centres.

Subjects - which subjects and qualifications are available to external (private) candidates?

Distance Learning Course Providers - you don't need to use correspondence courses to do exams, but they can be useful.

Groups - home educators often study for exams in groups. Please list local or online groups here.

Qualification Types: Edit

Post-16 - what happens next? Edit

Personal experiences of home educators - case studies of university offers and routes to Further- and Higher- Education and employment from home-ed.

Child benefit after 16 - on

Higher Education - applying to university, UCAS statements, funding.

Careers advice and job applications

Exam results achieved by home-educated young people. A few years' worth of examples from the HE Exams yahoogroup.

Views on exams from academics and home-educated young people- article by Karen Luckhurst

Subject resources Edit

Describe your topicEdit

Qualifications for UK home-educated students; subjects, syllabuses, resources, ideas. Home education is also known as Homeschooling or home schooling in some countries. This wiki is dedicated to UK qualifications and how home educators can access them.

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