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Thanks to Sara Kernohan for compiling this page; please add your own links and tips.

Preparing for UniversityEdit

UCAS is the organisation that processes applications to study full-time courses at universities and colleges in the UK.  They also aim to help students make informed choices by guiding them through the entire higher education application process.   Found out more on their website here:

Key dates for applications and clearing can also be found on that site.

Sign up for the UCAS Parents Newsletter here:

Personal StatementsEdit

You can Google writing a personal statement but here are a few links to get you started.

Help on writing a personal statement can also be found on the UCAS website here:

UCAS: Writing your personal statement

CIFE: How to write a good UCAS personal statement

Which: 10 things to put in your personal statement

General Higher Education Advice Edit

Unistats: The official website for comparing UK higher education course data. This includes official data for undergraduate courses on each university and college's satisfaction scores in the National Student Survey, jobs and salaries after study and other key information for prospective students.

Funding Edit






Also look at  for scholarships.  A useful tip is to ensure your son or daughter applies for student finance before their exam results are announced and their place confirmed – they will then have the money in place when the term starts.

Regarding repayments – Your son or daughter will only start repaying their student loan when they have left university or college, and are earning over the income threshold.

The amount they will pay back each month is dependent on how much they’re earning.

•             In England and Wales the repayment threshold is currently £21,000.

•             In N.Ireland and Scotland the repayment threshold is £17,335.

•             The loan is written off after 30 years or 35 years in Scotland.

More about student finance at

School Leaver Programmes and ApprenticeshipsEdit

The National Apprenticeship Scheme as an alternative to University.

Become an apprentice.

The cost to you of becoming a higher apprentice.

All About School Leavers : Lots of useful information here with plenty of links taking you on in a variety of directions.  Get your child to sign up for the newsletter too.

Gap YearEdit

Look at organisations who provide customers with gap year experiences along with qualifications such as BTEC.  Ie Frontier  Make sure your research reviews of these companies carefully to check that they are safe to use.

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