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The exam centres listed here have either accepted external candidates recently, or have indicated that they may do so.

Please feel free to add or edit information - we rely on the home-ed community to keep this up to date. It's easiest to edit if you create a Wikia account first, but you could also just leave a comment below and we'll add any centres mentioned to the main list.

North West Edit

Cumbria: 6/10/15 the local authority have a spreadsheet on their HE page with a list of the state schools that accept external candidates. Richard Rose at Carlisle are not listed but have been very helpful for summer 2016 exams.

Lancashire and the North. Tutors & Exams (also in Coventry) have opened a new centre in Bolton. Telephone 024 76221008. Languages, ICT, Computer Science and more. Access Arrangements (SEN) friendly.

Lancashire List - the County Council have helpfully put together a list of schools which accept external candidates.

Blackpool do the same - looks like they've just copied the Lancashire list, but check for updates!

Chorley - Jay-Em Dance Studios - can do AQA and Edexcel and are really friendly (and small!) contact through

Ormskirk School - special page for private candidates. Contact Jane Covey, Telephone 01695 583040, email

Blackpool - Spanish Learning Centre offer a wide variety of boards, and can accommodate foreign language orals.

Blackpool - Arnold School - this has now turned into The Arnold KEQMS. Contact Dr Treharne

Blackpool - Tower Learning Centre Private tutorial college, offers AQA, OCR, WJEC and CIE exam boards plus Functional Skills testing.

Oldham Hulme Grammar School written exams plus some A-level science assessments. Language oral exam fees are listed on their fee information page so presumably language exams are catered for also. Have been very helpful to home-ed families in the past. OCR, Edexcel, AQA for GCSE and Edexcel for IGCSE.  Do not do CIE. Charges (as of January 2017) are £120 per GCSE / IGCSE. Contacts: Christine Whitworth (Examinations Officer), Jemma Mulhall (Exams Assistant) - Email address:

Liverpool - Clarendon College Montessori School - AQA

Wirrall - Birkenhead 6th form college - "They offer lots of different exam boards (but not CIE IGCSEs), and recommended that we use Edexcel IGCSEs. Subjects include English, Maths, Chemistry , Biology and History. They charge around £50 per subject plus an administration fee of £50 per session. Contact Elaine Christian"

Macclesfield Tutorial College - dedicated site for external candidates. All boards including CIE and November exams. Allows private candidates to sit A-level and GCSE practical and science exams, and language Speaking Assessments. "We are an approved centre for the AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and CIE examination boards. We accommodate all the standard subjects, and will try to accept entries for the less popular subjects too – just ask. At the examination centre, you are able to take GCSE, IGCSE and GCE (AS and A Level) examinations. The centre has the facilities for science practicals and also most language speaking examinations."

Manchester - Nexus Education Centre, formerly the Woodsend Centre. IGCSEs (edexcel) and they do AQA GCSEs and A levels as well though not sure about Cambridge. A medical Pupil Referral Unit. Very small unit so not too much like a school. Contact Judy Cuppello. The cost was about £80 per subject. This includes an invigilation fee and you could be in a room on your own. Exam fee plus £20 plus £12 invigilation per paper.

Manchester Hospital School based at the Leo Kelly Centre, 77 Dickenson Road, Manchester, M14 5AZ. Only do summer series, Edexcel not CIE exams and no language orals but very friendly and helpful. Deadline for summer exams is around December 15th when they close for Christmas. Email contact phone 0161 2252199 (They have increased their fees recently, they now charge a flat £200 per subject. Still very friendly and helpful but sadly not the fantastic bargain they were before.)

Manchester - Trinity High School - special info page for external candidates. Written exams only, AQA and Edexcel. GCSEs and some A-levels. Contact "Will take external candidates but only for examinations that they sit, so we did AQA maths AS there (C1 C2 and MS1B) but they don't do A2. They do Edexcel GCSE maths. They only charged us £65 for all three AS maths exam units last year." (As per email correspondence Sept 2017: they don't do the January exam series)

Cheadle College - have accepted HE candidates for 2016.

Wilmslow High - take some home ed students.

Beacon Hill, Aspatria CA7 Will accept private candidates for exam-based subjects only, although an exception may be made if you are studying with a distance learning provider. Exam price: Cost to school + £10 per hour if no school exam is taking place at the same time + admin charge of £40 irrespective of the number of subjects being taken. email Tel: 016973 20509

Penrith - Ullswater Community College. Website says: "Sorry, we do not offer an examinations service for external candidates. However, if you are 15 to 19 years old and live within 16 kilometres (10 miles) of the school, then we may be able to advise you on possible options. Please email your name, age, the location of your home, telephone number and potential examination needs (subjects and exam boards) to the Examinations Manager at "

Workington, Cumbria

☀£50 for Functional Skills exams, £89.99 for GCSEs and £99.99 for A-levels. That's per subject. So even if there are three papers for maths, for instance, it would still just be £89.99.£50 for Functional Skills exams, £89.99 for GCSEs and £99.99 for A-levels. That's per subject. So even if there are three papers for maths, for instance, it would still just be £89.99.

North East Edit

Woodhouse Grove School, Apperley Bridge, between Leeds and Bradford, offer a good range of boards, reasonably priced and really helpful. We used this centre this summer (2016) and they were fantastic, even being able to accommodate an extremely anxious candidate within very small settings (5 others) at short notice. They offer a look around and we can't recommend highly enough!

Catalyst Tutors located near Bradford university. Set up specifically for HE students. Edexcel and AQA exams. Carry out moderated coursework for new GCSE,s, compulsory practicals, and BTECS. No need to be taught here as it is not a prerequisite. You can contact the Head of Centre directly on 07760257814.

York Learning - Adult education centre which takes externals. Contact the exams office at or telephone 01904 554277.

Doncaster Edit

Sir Thomas Wharton Community College, A Cooperative Academy, Tait Avenue, Edlington, Doncaster, DN12 1HH.

  • Tel: 01709 864100
  • Fax:  01709 864175

In this article about accepting external candidates for NEC, they sound lovely: "Exams officer Jo Shalome says: ‘We work on a “never say no” basis when it comes to private candidates. We know that finding an exam centre isn’t easy, and we want to help people improve their qualifications in any way we can, whether they are full-time students at the school, families who are home-schooling their children or adults who want a second chance at learning. We would only turn a private candidate away if the request came just a few days before the exam date or if the subject the candidate was studying wasn’t one for which we could offer a controlled assessment.’" . Article says they accept external candidates for science practicals.

Doncaster Local Authority helpfully lists some exam centres for home-educated students:

Adwick: Outwood Academy, Windmill Balk Lane, Woodlands, Doncaster, DN6 7SF 

  • Tel: 01302 722237
  • Fax: 01302 337345

Balby Carr Academy- Community Sports & Science Academy, Weston Road, Balby, Doncaster, DN4 8ND.

  • Tel: 0845 345 1629
  • Fax: 0845 345 1639

Rossington All Saints Academy, Bond Street, New Rossington, Doncaster, DN11 0BZ.

  • Tel: 01302 868414
  • Fax: 01302 866252

Halifax Edit

Rastrick Independent College. - will do controlled assessments and science practicals, GCSEs, IGCSEs and A-levels.

Pocklington Edit

Pocklington School recommended by private candidates on forums.

Skipton Edit

Craven College - Online courses in Biology, French, German, Italian, Physics, Maths, English

Skipton -South Craven School. Holme Ln, Cross Hills, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD20 7RL, 01535 632861. Only charge basic entry fees. Will accommodate such things as use of word processor at no extra charge if extra invigilatrion not required.

Sheffield Edit

Hillsborough College. Do at least Maths GCSE

Sheffield College - Offer online GCSE maths and English courses for HE students ages 14 and over, with exams there. Cost approx £300 . See


Ralph Thoresby School East Yorkshire - Pocklington School. At least Edexcel and CIE

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